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Can I buy any of the drawings?
Some artists on this website sell their artwork, and if you are interested in buying a print or original work, please contact us telling which one. Then we will contact the artist and they will get back to you.

How do you send the prints?
This is different from artist to artist, we will let you discuss this with the artist once you establish contact.

Which are the sizes of your artwork?
This is different, some are huge like A2 while others are smaller like size A5.

I want my artwork to be featured on, will you accept it?
Because we want to have a very high standard of artwork here, we cannot accept everyone's art submissions that we receive via email, but we do have many articles on this site that will help you improve your artwork.

Can you draw my pet for me?
We cannot guarantee anything, but please let us know what you want on this page and perhaps an artist will do it sooner or later.

Can I use your drawings on my webpage?
All artwork on this site is copyrighted and strictly forbidden to use in anyway.

I want to learn to draw, can help me?
We add new tutorials / articles on how to improve your drawings. Please click here to go to the articles.

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